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Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are potentially dangerous pests because they carry fleas, ticks and disease into our homes and businesses. Rodents can contaminate food and leave droppings and parasites in our living spaces. Among the diseases they can transmit are salmonellosis, Weil’s disease and the Hanta Virus. Although the risk of Hanta Virus is slight, it has been fatal to 50% of those infected by it, so it is not to be taken lightly. Plus, ticks carried indoors by mice and rats could carry lime disease.

Damage Caused by Rodents

Mice can cause problems by gnawing on your walls, electrical cords, water pipes and furniture. If they chew your wiring, they can even cause electrical fires! Rats (and mice) can pull on the purse strings when it comes to creating water damage, damage to your washer or dishwasher, not to mention your everyday or recreational vehicles. Considering the dangers posed by rodents, they are more than just a nuisance. If you have mice or rats in your home or commercial building, don’t hesitate—call Your Pest Defense today. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with mice, rats and other common pests.

We can help deal with rodents like:

Deer mice

Field mice

House mice

Meadow mice

Norway rats

Pack rats

Roof rats

Frequently Asked Rodent Questions

What are those traps that are placed around our home or building?

The stations that are placed around a structure are not traps and are not meant to trap rodents. They are bait stations that are tamper-proof and hold a rodenticide. They are considered our first line of defence around your home or building.

Is the rodenticide safe for my pets and children?

The rodenticide that we commonly use is safe and has an antidote. It is an extremely low toxicity for “secondary kill” so that if a non-target species eats or plays with a rodent that has ingested the rodenticide they will not die. This includes cats, dogs, eagles, hawks, etc. Furthermore, the rodenticide which we use is classified for high sensitive areas, such as schools, hospitals, care centres, etc. Domestic purchased rodenticide does not have the same research findings—it is inconclusive.

Where will the rodent die, and will it die in my house?

The rodenticide will make the rodent not feel well—like a stomach ache or flu. Like you and I, when we are not feeling well we go home or to shelter. Rodents general live (especially during the warmer months) outdoors. They will most likely wander off to harborage on the outside. Occasionally, they do pass in your home, unfortunately. There is no guarantee as to where they will pass.

Within the rodenticide that we use, there is a component that helps discompose the body faster, so that the smell of the rodent will be short lived (approximately half-time to that of natural decomposing or domestic rodenticide). Domestic rodenticide does not have this component.

Why are they tamper-proof?

The bait stations are tamper-proof so that non-target species such as cats, dogs, etc. do not get access to the poison. This also prevents people and children from getting access to the rodenticide. By law, all rodenticide should be placed into tamper-proof containers.

Will you come and remove them for me, if they die in my home?

We will remove them if we have time when it is not your service time. When we are at the site during regular service, we will remove all rodents that we find. Removal and discarding of deceased rodents can be done by the client—please be gloved, double bag the deceased rodent and discard it into a garbage bin.

Why is it better for a business to have a qualified pest control company manage their rodent problems?

A qualified pest control company will have technicians that are trained in how rodents think and will also know all the current rules and regulations that are governed by the different ministries, such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, etc. S.O.S. Pest Control works closely with several ministries.

Do you live trap rodents?

No, our company does not. This is not a cost-effective way of managing rodents for either the client or our company. Nor is it an effective measure of managing a rodent population.

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